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Where will I Fish?

Sight Fishing for Striped Bass in
The Monomoy & South Beach Island Systems

The Monomoy Island & South Beach systems are home to some of the most pristine tidal flats in the world and offer the Angler an exceptionally unique sight fishing experience upon the back drop of The Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge, one of America's most beautiful and secluded nature reserves. 


This remote island extends more than 8 miles into the Atlantic Ocean and due to an extreme level of inaccessibility brought on by treacherous shoals and shifting sands that change from day to day and tide to tide, the interior of the South Beach & Monomoy Flats Systems have remained virtually untouched for more than a decade.  Monomoy is hard to get to and daily navigation knowledge is key.  This has created a nearly virgin, World Class and un-pressured fishing environment that you just may wish to experience sooner rather than later. 







Monomoy System Monomoy Adventures.jpg

Atlantic Ocean

Monomoy Flat & South Beach Flat Systems

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